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Below is the latest selection of photos added to has thousands of photographs of dogs, pets and animals all of which can be sent as an e-card. To upload and share your favourite dog photos with the rest of Australia click here .

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Latest Additions
Our dog Ruby likes playing Nerf <br />

Views: 10804
Rating: 3.67/5
Date: 21.11.13
720x720 (147.9 KB)
Golden Retriever-Ruby
This is Chloe - she came from HAR Hunter Animal Rescue and we have fallen head over heals in love! She is 5 years old and was not treated very well in her past life.   She is very shy bit is coming out of her shell slowly! She love s a cuddle and love!!,
Views: 5542
Rating: 2.5/5
Date: 21.11.13
960x720 (103.1 KB)
Chloe the loveable xst...
'Bear' is half seal and half fish. He thrives on being in the pool or on the beach.
Views: 5531
Rating: 0/5
Date: 21.11.13
180x205 (17.3 KB)
Pool time with Dad

Random Images
Royal Melbourne Show 2004
Views: 872
Rating: 0/5
Date: 09.11.04
388x360 (20.0 KB)
Bedlington Terrier
Melbourne Royal 2009
Views: 643
Rating: 0/5
Date: 31.12.09
401x600 (117.3 KB)
Dogue de Bordeaux
Melbourne Royal 2007
Views: 869
Rating: 0/5
Date: 24.08.09
904x600 (215.6 KB)
Views: 837
Rating: 4/5
Date: 06.02.04
173x260 (18.0 KB)
This is my very special girl Maddie Dawn. Sadly we lost her recently, just a couple of months shy of her 11th birthday. She was the most loved dog ever and we are miss her so much. Love you beautiful girl!
Views: 1232
Rating: 4/5
Date: 02.05.07
3200x4000 (425.5 KB)
Maddie Dawn
Beautiful Border Collie puppy at Jordyalan Kennels,5 weeks old.
Views: 900
Rating: 4/5
Date: 27.04.07
640x480 (89.4 KB)
Border Collie - Jordya...
Sydney Royal 2004 - BOB
Views: 641
Rating: 2/5
Date: 18.04.04
400x374 (37.6 KB)
Views: 783
Rating: 3.67/5
Date: 13.02.04
400x268 (42.6 KB)
Melbourne Royal 2005
Views: 640
Rating: 0/5
Date: 09.06.06
293x360 (42.1 KB)
Dobermann Pinscher

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